LG Stylo 4 8.0 8.1 FRP Bypass



LG Stylo 4 8.0 8.1 FRP Bypass
Tested on the stylo 4 model Q710MS
Preparing Files
1. Buy and Download this item ( LG Backup_180326.lbf)
2. Put the LG Backup_180326.lbf  to the Memory Card.
3.Put the Memory Card into the Phone.
Ok,Now following :
1. Turns on the phone and connect with WIFI.
2. go Back to first page(Welcome page) –
click the Accessibility-Setting-Vision-TalekBack on
3. use Finger to write L on the Screen,it will be appeal the Global Context Menu-Click TalkBack settings
4. Press Volume Up and Down at same time and hold few second,it will be appeals the TalkBack shortcut,click USE,then Press Volume Up and Down at same time and hold few second again to turn off the Talkback.
5.Go down on the TalkBack setting page-Click Help&feedback-Click Get started with voice access-Click the Video-it will be appeal to YouTube App.
6. Pull down the video,then you can see user icon at Right-Top.Click the icon,then will appeal to YouTube Teams of service,enter anything on the URL like” ABC” ,then it will as google,click the Maps-Skip the sign in-click the Menu at Left-Top-Start driving-click the Voice search at Right-TOp-say open google-then it will open Chrome. (if not,try the Start driving then Voice open google again)
7. Enter LG then you will see the LG Mobile Switch,click it.-Agree the Terms-click the SD Card-Restore(it will read the LG Backup_180326.lbf on the list(if not,make sure your memory Card or card slot of the phone is working),-click the LG Backup_180326.lbf-select all the items then click Next-Restore,it will be restoring and finish within 1 minute, then Restart phone.
8.Now repeat 1-6
9.Search Quickshortcutmaker and Open the App-find the setup Wizard and click it-click the third one(setup wizard,the end is HomeExit-Click Try and it will start like setup wizard,click start, then it will Restart the phone in few seconds.
11. Wait the phone turn on back,it will be all reset and now the phone’s FRP will be Removed, enjoy the phone!
Here is other way to bypass the FRP:
On some 8.1Version may not find the LG Mobile Switch on the step 7,  then you can use following steps  instead the steps 8-11.
search Phone  instead LG Mobile Switch on the step 7, then you will see Contacts  the Phone App.
1. Click Contacts-Contacts settings-Online search-Add account
2. Enter any email with @hotmail.com and any wrong password-Next-Client Certificate-Add-Change PIN(Set any PIN but remember yourself ),then go back you will see No Certificate found
3. Go back to the Chrome(Above Step7)-Search Play Store and enter the PIN (you set on step 2)-and add your Google account on it.
4. Go back to the setup wizard first page and you will pass the FRP.
5. Go to system – setting -and made Factory Rest,Done!


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